E- Money was DEAD BROKE when I met him, wife to Kcee’s younger brother speaks


The couple recently had a tell-it-all interview with PUNCH. Here is an excerpt: Was your first impression of him favorable? .

Juliet: He bore a striking resemblance to Kcee, so I imagined they were twins. I liked him when we met for the first time and we started out as friends. We
dated for four years and decided to get married afterwards. He was very mature for his age and had a kind heart. He was very reserved, welcoming and spoke affectionately about his family. .

E-Money: When we met, I was a young man who was struggling to make ends meet and she was equally very young. Because she was my first girlfriend and the first woman I ever loved, I remained faithful to her. I was looking for a God-fearing lady who wasn’t excessively concerned with material possessions and who I could plan a future with. Even though I lived in Ajegunle, with my brothers at that time, she visited me on several occasions. I remember that on one of those occasions, she fell into a gutter in a flooded street. .

Why did you accept his proposal? .

Juliet: My family and I were on the verge of relocating to the UK, but I was happy that I was already in a relationship with him. On one occasion, I was cash-strapped and he willingly parted with the last N1k he had on him. I was completely taken aback by that act of generosity. .

Did you think he would become this wealthy? .

Juliet: When we started dating, my friends were surprised that I sidestepped all the rich guys in Lekki, where I was resident for a man who lived in Ajegunle but I was not bothered. He didn’t even have enough money to take us back to Lagos after our traditional marriage. .

E-Money: Kcee was the one who lent me N20k. I used it to pay our fare to Lagos. .

At what point did you begin to experience a turnaround in your finances? .

E-Money: We were on our way to Lagos when I received a phone call informing me that I had been awarded a $2m contract and that is how our lives changed forever…. May God in his infinite mercy continue to uphold ur marriage even though some bitter ppl wld still say d $2m was 4rm a maga…..

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