Meet the man who wants to know what life is as a goat


Thomas Thwaites commissioned limb prosthetics that allowed him to walk on all fours. He even considered ordering to have an artificial goat stomach which would digest grass for him to consume. He was able to persuade a
goat farmer to allow him to join a herd of goats over the Swiss Alps.


Why is he doing it? Thwaites is a British conceptual designer interested in how humans will use technology to fulfill their desires. He claims that people are always interested in becoming more intelligent and stronger but could be interested in simplifying their lives through a simulated devolution. He’s studied their behavior and learned their way of communicating.


His efforts, funded by the government, culminated in a 3 day trip to the Swiss Alps, where he lived as a goat, roaming the hills with a herd. He initially wanted to be an elephant, but it wasn’t going very well. He visited a shaman who told him he is idiot. So, he decided to be a goat. But living as a goat, Thwaites soon found, wasn’t as easy as he’d expected. The prosthetics were painful, the landscape was tough and Thwaites was constantly battling the cold.


After his 3 days living with the herd, Thwaites spent another 3 days as a goat living alone…. while doing further research, he discovered dt he shldnt av gone dt far. Jst date a 9ja girl and mistakenly break her heart. You’d be called a goat by d girl n all her friends till u start believing dt u r a goat…..


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