How kidnap victim fell in love with one of her abductors thereby leading to their arrest


13 members of a kidnap syndicates were recently arrested in Ekiti State and 10 of them have since been charged to court. They were arraigned on Tuesday, August 4, on a two-count charge of kidnapping and robbery. One of

them, who was also a kidnap victim herself, Rachael Oladapo, 46, gave away the syndicate when she fell in love with one of her abductors while in their captivity.

Oladapo, aka ‘Alhaja’, was abducted sometime in May and had spent 10 days in the den of her abductors. In the course of her 10 days in captivity, she fell in love with one of her kidnappers, Ayodeji Solomon, and the romantic relationship continued after she was released. One of the suspects, Gbenga David aka Oruma, wanted to molest Alhaja but Ayodeji vehemently refused and this led to a fight in their camp.

They fought so much and stabbed themselves in the process. This heroic act by Ayodeji made Alhaja fall in love with him. Unknown to Alhaja and Ayodeji, the police were monitoring their calls. After her release, she became an informant for the kidnappers. Ayodeji even moved in with the wealthy Alhaja, who is a widely travelled textile merchant.

The police became curious when Alhaja became evasive and wouldn’t want to cooperate further with the investigation. The camp of the kidnappers also got disorganized because of the love affair between Alhaja and Ayodeji. This led to their arrest…. Ayodeji however insists dt ds isn’t new cuz d bible made us to realize dt Daniel also became friends wt d lions after being thrown into their den dt year….

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