War between South Africans and Nigerians as Dbanj wishes girl a happy birthday


Yesterday, billionaire’s daughter, Adama Indimi, who has often been rumored to be in a relationship with Dbanj added another year and the kokomaster gave her a shoutout and said he loves her. This didn’t go
down well with some South Africans who feel uttering such words was a way of shaming their queen, Bonang, who Dbanj openly kissed at the MAMA Awards after he won The Evolution Awards.


Also on Bonang’s birthday Dbanj said “We love you” but used the pronoun “I” in Adama’s case. They’ve bombarded his page and shredding him into bits with so many unprintable words which have led to fracas between them and some Nigerian voltrons of Dbanj….. if something isn’t done urgently, ds might lead to another diplomatic battle between d 2 countries wch might cost both countries d loss of lives n properties…..

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