Okada rider seeks divorce from wife who over sleeps, shaves her pubic hair while sleeping to prove his case


Yesterday, Moses Ayodeji, 40, pleaded with an Ojo Customary Court to dissolve his 10-year-old marriage because of his wife’s tendency to ‘over-sleep’. He also alleged that his wife, Kehinde, always denied him his marital right at night. He said: “I

shaved my wife’s pubic hairs while she slept one day, which goes to show that she actually over-sleeps.

She does not respond like someone actually making love when we even do it. I am no longer interested in our marriage because she also denies me my right as her husband. I don’t want to continue with a woman that fights me whenever I correct her.” He added that the respondent had accused him of wanting to use her pubic hairs for rituals. .

He said: “She dragged me before OPC and made me to swear that I didn’t nurse the intention of using her for rituals. The swearing indicated that I will lose my life in 7 days if the accusation was correct but that didn’t happen.’’ .

He urged the court to dissolve the marriage, saying he was willing to pay N3, 000 monthly as upkeep allowance for the care of their 2 children. The President of the court, Chief Joseph Ogunmola, adjourned the case to Sept. 1 for further hearing….. cuz he was almost going deaf yesterday wt d man’s claims…..

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