I’m flavor’s mirror, Nigerian musician’s 1st babymama declares


While the 2nd babymama, Anna Ebere Banner, is away in the U.S. where she just put to bed, Sandra Okagbue, the 1st babymama, is telling anyone who cares to know that she is flavor’s mirror. This she

made known with a picture she posed for in Flavor’s house. She captioned it “Ugegbe Oyibo Chinedu on point ” which means Chinedu’s mirror on point. Flavor’s real name is Chinedu Okoli.


She also used the harshtag “Golibe” which is the title of a song which many believe was specially sang by Flavor for his 2nd babymama, Anna, because he featured her in the video….. since Sandra is now claiming to b Flavor’s mirror many feel Anna shld start claiming to b Flavor’s outfit since one of d major reasons why men use d mirror is to see if their outfit looks good on them……

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