Nollywood actress finally spills on why she waited 3 years to get pregnant.


Stephanie Okereke Linus got married to Linus Idahosa in 2012 but got knacked to get belle in 2015. She gave her reason for waiting that long in an interview with Genevieve magazine. Hear her: “Waiting this long to have a
baby is a personal choice and God ultimately decides. You have to be ready mentally and physically. I had a lot of films I was shooting and I was traveling a lot too.

My movie is out now and I cannot even promote it across Africa like I wanted to do because I am stuck in one place. It’s also God’s timing. Neither my husband nor I were pressured. I feel this is the right time for it to happen. Right after we got married, I was on set shooting. But this year was different. It’s the perfect year for me to year to get pregnant.”….. pls don’t try ds if ur husband is above 40 n has an age long girlfriend who he still loves n sees. Dts all…..

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