Baby abandoned in daycare centre by politician


Soloja Ayobola has abandoned her baby, Mofeoluwanifemi Amos, at God’s Care Nanny, Isawo road, Oke-Afa, Agric, Ikorodu, Lagos, for over 3 months. She went to the daycare on January 18 with 7-month-old Mofe to
make enquiries about how the centre operates. Thereafter, she was said to have been given a form which she filled. She promised to bring her passport in her next visit, but never did.

Mrs Elizabeth Oyeshile, who runs the daycare, said Soloja described herself as a politician and a member of PDP, and that because of the nature of her work, she travels mostly during weekends for political campaigns and rallies. Oyeshile said: ‘’The arrangement was that she will be keeping the child during the week, while the centre will take care of the child during weekends and we agreed on a weekly payment.

She put Mofe at the centre for the first time on January 22.” Sometime in March, she came with her male friend. While introducing the man, Soloja explained that whenever she was not around, her male friend would be paying the bills for the baby’s upkeep but the man refused. He only provided diapers for the baby until May, when he stopped.

On April 5, Soloja came to the day-care centre and complained that it was becoming burdensome to pay the bills weekly and that she would be paying at the end of the month and deposited N10,000 part payment, which was the last payment she made. The last time she came to the daycare was on May 25. Since she abandoned Mofe, she has been called severally but she has refused to pick her calls. Mofe is now a year and 3 months old.

Oyeshile said: “It was when I lost my son-in-law 3 weeks ago that those who saw Mofe when they came to pay condolence visit, advised me to take her to the police and report the case.” Nobody knows the whereabouts of Soloja, having relocated from her place of abode without notifying anyone….. d devil is said to b ready to sue her for defamation of xter if she ever comes back to blame him for making her do it……

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