Over paternity test, former aviation minister disowns 3 of his children


Femi Fani-Kayode now Femi Olukayode, and his family, have disowned 3 children from his former wife, Yemisi, over issues of who their father truly is. This was revealed in an article published last week Saturday by a representative of
the family, Felix Olawunmi. It details how Yemisi and Femi had a turbulent post-marital relationship and said the issue of the children’s parenthood had been on for years.

It revealed that Yemisi, the daughter of a former Lagos state judge, Justice Adeniji, refused repeatedly to allow the 3 girls, Temitope, Tumininu and Tobiloba, undergo a paternity examination as requested by the Fani-Kayodes. It also revealed that right from the outset of Tumininu’s conception in 1993, Femi had insisted that she was not his child as he never touched Yemisi throughout that year, yet, she maintained that Tumininu is Femi’s child.

But despite all these, Femi still took care of them as his children till 2012. He even bought their mother a house in London when he became minister. Few weeks back, Femi read on the internet that one of the children, Temitope, was getting married. He the reached out to the Randle family saying that “if you are getting married to anybody that bears the name Fani-Kayode, we should know about it”, but Yemisi objected to Femi’s family having anything to do with the marriage and that if he wanted to have anything to do with the marriage, he should try and settle everything between them first.

So, Femi’s family members met with the Randles and with Yemisi’s mother. Femi’s family said they would not participate in the wedding unless one condition was satisfied and that was that all the 3 children have a paternity test. So when they said they would not go for the paternity test, Femi’s family pulled out of the wedding. Femi still maintains a cordial relationship with his 2 other children, Folake and Remilekun…. who was named after Nigerian rapper, Remilekun Safaru aka Reminisce d “Tesojue” master…..

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