It cost less than N10m and its not my personal website, Fashola cries out


Former governor of Lagos State, Fashola, was earlier today accused of approving a contract of N78m to upgrade his personal website while still governor. But he has now come out to deny it. In a mail sent to EKEKEE.COM, Fashola said
the website isn’t his personal property but an official website which reports and documents his official activities as a way of socially accounting for his stewardship to the people of Lagos State.

He said N12.5m was quoted for the upgrade of the website, which includes complete re-design of all the hundreds of page templates. But less than N10m was spent on it and not N78M being bandied in the social media. He added that according to Bloomberg, the Obamacare Enrollment System web site costs more than $2 Billion (

He ended the mail by saying “Anyone making this claim is dubious. Was the Facebook built and maintained with less than $500,000?”…. Nigerians r however like “Why ask us wen you can ask Google?”….

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