I paid a bribe of N60,000 to escape from police cell, robber confesses


Wasiu Saka, 30, a notorious car robber in Ondo State operates by applying as a driver and after being employe absconds with his employer’s car. He was arrested by detectives from the Ondo State Police Command on June 21 but
miraculously escaped from police cell in the night of the 2nd day. His escape caused a stir as the police authorities queried the officers in charge of his case and a standing order was given to smoke him out from his hideout.

He was later re-arrested and confessed that his escape was made possible with the help of some policemen. He said while the police were searching for him, he was in touch with his accomplices from his hideout. He described the police allegation that he escaped from cell as unfair, saying he paid his way through….. with his hard earned money….

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