PUNCH NEWSPAPER REPORTAGE: Toke Makinwa says women should snoop around their husbands


In her vlog on Wednesday, she described herself as a proud snooper. She advised other women to also snoop around their husbands. Although she admitted that snooping was bad but she said women were left with no option but to
use it to monitor the level of their husbands’ faithfulness. She urged women who said snooping was wrong to reconsider their position.

“You should snoop. People have found out that their houses are on fire; people have found out that they are married to other women’s husbands. I am a proud snooper and this is my advice for you,” she emphasised.

Toke said women passed through emotional pain while prying into their husband’s telephones. Yet, she advised, they had to do it because men are wicked. “I am a proud snooper; this is me. When you snoop your boyfriend or your husband, it is like you are stealing from the pot. But what else should we do?” she asked.

To victims of extra-marital affairs, she advised, they should be courageous to dump men who would not love and be faithful to them. In the 10-minute vlog, Makinwa took viewers through techniques they could use to monitor their partners, with a view to knowing their level of faithfulness.

Her fans had wondered why her knowledge in marital relationship could not help her to stop her husband from an extra-marital affair that put her marriage at risk recently. She eventually opened up by saying her case was meant to strengthen other women who were passing through a similar experience. Her controversial position on snooping is now stirring controversies on blogs and other social media platforms….. n cld degenerate into another civil war if something isn’t done urgently……. Credit: PUNCH

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