OMG not again!!! Guy shares an experience he had with a Nigerian police


Hear him and be the judge: “Before now I had a very terrible impression of the Nigerian police. But that’s been diluted a bit today. This nugga here saw a hood nigga tryna force open a car on the corner. He walked up to the nugga and asked if the
car was his. The nigga said it was his and he had locked his keys inside. The police officer followed his instincts and stayed with the guy for well over an hour to be sure whose car it was.

There I came walking towards my car when I saw a police officer and a young man by the side confused I opened the door and just as I did the young man took to his feet and the police officer went after him and nabbed him. Moral of the story is that if the police officer hadn’t done what he did,just maybe the hood nigga would have perfectly executed his plan.

I ddnt pay him to guard my car. But he did his job of protecting property. Here’s me saying #Police is your friend. We still have some good ones around. Show them gratitude and just maybe that will keep encouraging them tondo their job better.”….. ppl r calling him a stingy broke ass for nt giving d policeman up to N200k 4a job well done…..

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