Between a Lagos girl and her boyfriend’s wife


This happened on BBM. And it’s between a Lagos based sidechic and the wife of her boyfriend. The sidechic actually got the BB pin of the wife and categorically told her that she would chase her out of her matrimonial home. This
happened after sidechic had initially mobilized her friends to confront the wife physically to rain curses on her.


She taunted her that she was considering her before but now she’s ready to displace her totally. The sidechic is alleged to be close to the husband that she knows his every movement that one day she was chatting with the wife as usual and insulting her and at a point when the husband got home, she said to the wife: “go and cook for my boo mehn, he just entered the house.”….. forget the drama of yesterday, ds is d real gboko gboko….. Credit: LadunLiadiBlog



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