A former HOD at University Of Jos has been murdered by her son in the U.S


Daniel Kadima, 31, of Longview, was charged with murder in his mother’s death. He was originally arrested on the 28th of July for walking on the wrong side of the road. He also has a charge of writ of attachment. His mother, Hauwa Esther Kadima, 61, was
found dead that same day at a Longview apartment complex. Hauwa died of blunt force trauma to the head after she received lacerations to the brain.

Daniel Kadima’s ex-wife wrote an affidavit the following day for a motion of contempt stating that Kadima violated the terms of their divorce and she also filed for termination of Kadima’s parental rights to their child after she saw him parked in her driveway waiting for her to return home from work.

Hauwa was a devout Christian, and well-educated with degrees from Wheaton College. Dr Hauwa Kadima lectured at the department of Mass Comm at the University of Jos for over 3 decades and became the HOD. She was a member of the ECWA Church and an officer with the Girls Brigade.

Her son, Daniel Kadima, has a history of being mentally unstable. Hauwa’s friends say she had a vision for Nigeria. “She had a passion for wanting to start a school back in her hometown. She didn’t go back to fulfill her dream,” Rev. Mary Collier says….. R.I.P to her…..

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