For alleged adultery, welder beats wife to death


On Monday at Chelsea neighborhood, Sango-Ota, Ogun State, Marufu Olasoji beat his wife, Kehinde, to death by repeatedly hitting her head with an iron. He then sprayed cement on her face and fled. People in
the know said that he always turned Kehinde, a hairdresser, and mother of 3, to a punch bag while their 15-year relationship lasted.

She left him with her children 3 months ago when she could no longer endure the assault. But on Monday, she was invited by Marufu who then accused her of having extra-marital affairs. This led to an altercation which in turn led to Kehinde’s death. He was arrested on Tuesday. While lamenting Kehinde’s death, her brother, Kolawole, said she was the one responsible for the upkeep of the 3 children as Marufu did not bother about the schooling and feeding of the children. Upon all that, he still beats her.

Marufu however said: “I promised to buy her a dryer before she moved out. She called me on Monday that she wanted to collect the N17k for the dryer. I told her to give me more time. She insisted she must have the money and started dragging my shirt. I just pulled her hands off, but unfortunately she fell and hit her head on some objects inside my room.

When I observed that she was dead, I drank the cement but I later vomited it on her body. I pampered her and my children. In fact, it got to a point that some people were calling me all sorts of names because I cared for her a lot. I did not kill her intentionally. It was fear that made me flee. My 2nd wife also has 3 children. She left because of disagreements.”

Kehinde’s twin sister, Taiye, said: “He was telling lies. She did not need any dryer. I gave her mine when I quit hairdressing. There was a time she called our parents that he was beating her. She was nursing a baby then. When we got there, we saw a big stick in his hand with which he had inflicted injuries on her body. He always beat her. She was enduring the assaults because of her children.”…. R.I.P to her….

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