Wanted: Madam Esther Otubo Nicole


You must have seen the nude videos of some girls being released over the past couple of weeks. I received the DM of one the videos of the girls being interviewed by their trafficker but I can’t post it. A Facebook user, Emeka Ugwuonye, now

has a lead on the trafficker and has this to say: “THERE IS A CRIMINAL ON THE PROWL THAT WE ALL NEED TO HELP TRACK DOWN: She is a “Madam” and a human trafficker.


She takes desperate young Nigerian girls on a sex slave mission to Dubai or other Middle Eastern countries. Before they leave Nigeria, she would first swear the girls and their parents to some local shrine in the belief that such would place a curse of sudden death on those girls were they to disobey her. The total amount she plans to get from each girl is about $30,000.


The girl is to prostitute herself and collect money from men and keep giving such money to the woman until she agrees she has received $30,000. She uses blackmail as an additional means of enforcing her plan. She takes a video recording of each girl, who is made to stand fully nude.


She says to each girl that if she failed to pay her $30,000, she would release the video tape on Facebook and that if she paid, she would delete the videotape. Ostensibly, some of these girls have not paid the Madam. That must have been what led to the Madam releasing these video on Facebook. .

I have personally seen videos of 3 girls in such humiliation. People forwarded them to me in order for me to use DPA to help track down the woman that is behind all this. A friend of mine and a member of DPA has already taken some steps. He has contacted the UAE Embassy in Washington and the FBI Crime Alert. That is a reasonable action to take. If you have seen any of these videos and you can tell any of the people involved, please contact Emeka Ugwuonye on Facebook.”….. her eyebrow game is topnotch tho…..

Her Phone is: +971 55 837 88 59
City of Residence: Marina in Dubai
Residential Address: Building 68 room 202, Street 5, Discovery Garden
State of Origin: Bayelsa State.

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