Kanu Nwankwo’s hotel, worship centers shutdown for noise and air pollution


Yesterday, the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency ( LASEPA ) sealed Hardley Apartments, a hotel owned by Kanu Nwankwo. It’s among other hotels, churches and mosques sealed across the state over air and noise pollution. LASEPA said
the owners of the facilities had been contacted several times in the last one year and they refused to fully comply with instructions. .

Olorunkemi Mosque, Ketu; Rain of Power and Miracles Ministry Church, Lekki; Christ Apostolic Church, Lekki; Duckland Hotels and Suites, Ikorodu; and Mela Rossa Club, Victoria Island were all sealed. At Kanu’s hotel, it was noticed that the generators had large exhaust pipes facing the road. .

The Director of Enforcement, Kayode Bello, ordered that one of the generators be tested, and it was discovered that it gave off thick gaseous emissions. Bello said, “Even the sound is going to be more than 45 decibels at night. We want you to comply ─ that is the reason we are here. We have been on this for more than a year.” .

Later at a press briefing, LASEPA General Manager, Rasheed Shabi said, “The environment belongs to every one of us. Lagosians need to live in peace. Most club houses do not have fiscal planning approval. Before you can build any hotel anywhere in the world, there must be an environmental impact assessment. .

Most of the markets we have in Lagos State; we have people using trucks to sell their products with speakers to disturb the peace of Lagosians. Soon, we will tow as many trucks as possible to get them off the streets.”….. and throw them into d lagoon…..

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