For rituals, Ghanaian man kills pregnant Nigerian neighbor who was in labour


Abdul, a 30-year-old illegal miner killed Amina Usman, a mother of 4 who was on her way to the hospital to deliver her first male child. She was on her way to the hospital when Abdul offered lift with his motorbike. But instead of
heading to the hospital, he took her to a bush and killed her by hacking her severally with a cutlass till she bled to death.

He then cut her clitoris and shaved her pubic hair. He was later arrested and admitted to committing the crime claiming the pubic hair and clitoris were demanded by a ritualist for concoction to fortify himself and would have suffered dire consequences if he failed to produce the items.

The fortification exercise he revealed was to protect him against immediate death, forces of darkness and as well as endow him with the potency to discovering gold in large quantities ahead of his fellow miners….. R.I.P to her….

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