Melinda, the wife of world’s richest man fetches water in Malawi


Yesterday, Melinda Gates, was pictured carrying on her head a bucket of water fetched from a village in Malawi. I know all of you don’t know her. For your information, she is the wife of Bill Gates. Bill is worth $76 billion. Melinda, who
described herself as “philanthropist, businesswoman, mother, passionate advocate for women and girls,” posted a photo of herself with a 20-litre bucket of water on her head alongside two other Malawian women, walking on a dirt road.


In another picture posted on her Instagram page, she was seen doing the dishes in a Malawian village. Describing her experience, Melinda said on her Facebook page, “During my stay in Malawi, I joined the women collecting drinking water. I carried 20 litres and it was tough. Meanwhile, Chrissy (middle) is carrying about 40 litres. Many women do this every day.”…… truly, money can’t buy class or maybe she is broke. May God help us. Hmmm……

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