We live like rats, yet Nigerians want us to be their friends –Policemen say as PUNCH visit Ojuelegba barracks

On Thursday, PUNCH NEWSPAPER visited Ojuelegba barracks, Lagos to see what some of our policemen go through. They met with some police officers and one of them who now lives in a kitchen with his wife and 4 kids said: “When we were
still living in the room and parlor before our building collapsed last year, we were managing because of the small space, not to talk of now that we have just one room, which used to be a kitchen.


It’s like living in a cave. That is the lot of most of us. Can you imagine that? We live in a kitchen, and you want policemen to be your friends while you all live in your comfortable mansions. You expect us to carry rifle and risk our lives to protect people. Haba! Apart from the space issue, we (residents of this barracks) queue to use toilet and bathroom, because the ones available are not adequate.


So we queue to bathe every morning. Don’t forget that we are all adults with families. I feel ashamed that I go through this every morning? Even when we get to the office, we either sit under the tree or stand in the sun. Tell those people in government what you saw here. Let them know we are suffering.”….. cuz it seems as if they didn’t understand wot wizkid said in his song, “Ojuelegba.” He sang it after visiting ds place…..


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