How some policemen brutalized an unarmed Nigerian for questioning them


According to Adisa Muyiwa Moh, who shared this on Twitter, a younger brother to this man, with a broken nose, was stopped while on a motorcycle in Ibadan around 10am yesterday. The policemen ( pictured ) asked ( younger brother ) him to identify himself which he did by

giving them his student ID. They demanded taking him to station. Reminding that these “officers” were not on uniform he called his brother.

But before the brother could get to the location, they switched off the younger brother’s phone and zoomed off. Luckily, they’re traced to Sango police station, Ibadan, and they saw them pepper-spraying the little boy.


On asking questions they pounced on the elder brother, pictured here, and broke his nose after they had successfully manhandled the brother. You can contact 09094625409 for details on how to help them get justice….. even d tongue n d teeth fight sometimes despite them being besties. So police still remain our friend….


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