Former lawmaker gets 7 years in jail for trafficking drugs


Honorable Missa Bobbo, a former member of Adamawa State House of Assembly and delegate to national constitutional conference, will be in jail for the next 7 years. He is going there in the company of Bappa Madu, a

notorious drug baron from Ngurore town. They’re arrested by officials of the NDLEA in connection with unlawful possession of illicit drugs.

Bobbo was convicted for possessing 81.9kg of Cannabis sativa while Bappa was found guilty of possessing 61.6kg of tramadol. Missa Bobbo was member, House of Assembly in Adamawa State representing Leko-Koma constituency between 1991 and 1993. He was also a member of the national constitutional conference in 1995. Apart from the dried weeds of cannabis found with him; fresh plants of cannabis were also harvested from Bobbo cannabis farm….. Lemme stop by saying “wo Bobbo, wayray lo ba de. Oya shakiti Bobbo Bobbo.” ….

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