New South African wonder pastor emerges. Makes some members eat soap as he rides on others ( photos )


Prophet Agabus Nawa of Embassy of Glory Christ Centre, is a great man. And he can also do and undo. He was recently pictured making a congregant eat soap and dry grass after he commanded the, to taste like chocolate. He also
rode on some, apart from making some fall in deep sleep like God made Adam do.


Meanwhile, the legendary Prophet Penuel of End Times Disciples Ministries, who recently made his congregation consume snakes and underwear, during a recent service commanded the spirit of homosexuality to enter into a congregant. And intently the demon manifested and started walking exactly like gays and said his name is Ntlantla from Hammaskral and he is 23 years old, he manifested by showing his breast saying is his cleavage….. indeed God is still as mighty as in d days of old. We jst av to serve him as these 2 r doing…….

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