I’d like to come back to this world as a gay man, Kenny wishes.


Kehinde Badamosi is an openly gay Nigerian that left Nigeria recently to reside in USA. He also says he his HIV positive. In a Facebook post yesterday, he said this: “When I come back to this world, if I’m allowed ( don’t laugh, some
come back as goats and some as Donald Trump ,) I’d like to come back as a gay man.


This time around I would ensure my parents saw it in my forehead. I wouldn’t hide in the crowd. I wouldn’t live in anyone’s shadows. I would date men in the open. Someone like Babangida or someone as cute as Justin Fashanu.

I would try my best to avoid ‘risky sex’ in the secret that might lead to being infected with STI and HIV. There wouldn’t be any shame in my game. And when I joined Facebook, I would put it in my cover picture. CAUTION: This guy is gay gay gay. Bigots beware. And my name? It would be ‘Gay-hin-de’. Meanwhile, while I’m still here in this hate-filled world, I will ‪#‎live‬ my best life.”….. May God grant him and everyone their heart desires…..

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