Gbese re o: NYSC member in trouble for helping someone withdraw from an ATM machine


This report is according to Twitter user by the moniker, Enginechux. He said: “For all those who readily help others to their own detriment, kindly follow my succeeding tweets. My Sister just greeted me with a very sad news of how a
young corp member got into trouble while trying to help. The newly posted corp member had gone to an Access bank ATM to withdraw N3000 from his account.

Shortly after he returned to the office, he received a call from Diamond Bank requesting his presence @ the bank. Moments later to te utter amazement of everyone, dude returned in fetters accompanied by policemen & Bank staff . A heavy allegation of theft was slammed on him. He was being accused of stealing a huge Toyota car and other things. Bank Staff came with a video evidence of the corp member withdrawing at the ATM with a card from the stolen car.

Dude was crying profusely & tried in futility to exonerate himself by giving a detailed explanation of what had happened. He went to a nearby Access bank to make withdrawal when a fellow approached him feigning ignorance on the workings of the ATM He agreed to help & collected the ATM card. The fellow frantically opened a diary frm which he read out different pin numbers According to the corps member, he withdrew over a 100k jst as the guy urged him to be fast.

Unknown to him as he would later find out, the fellow and his gang had stolen a car frm which he got the ATM card. The woman who was on her way to block the ATM got a debit alert and hastened up to the bank -Access bank. Access bank then connected Diamond bank, his personal Bank, and he was called. Pleas for absolution from office staff and concerned people fell on deaf ears as the woman in question kept spitting threats.

Currently the corp member has been whisked away by police operatives and is currently at their mercy. Stop helping strangers with their withdrawals at the ATM!!.”…… ds is discrimination against strangers tho. But what do I know?…….

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