Akwa Ibom State Police Commissioner gives more details of how Stephen dismembered David’s body. ( graphic content )


This morning I brought the gist of how one Stephen Onowa killed his friend and employee over a N750k debt after drugging his beer to make him fall asleep. Gabriel Achong, Akwa Ibom State Police Commissioner, has

released more details of what he did with David’s body after killing him and how he was arrested. While acknowledging that a quarrel had been on for the past 2 years between the two, even as their case file was still with the SARS department of the command, he said:


“I don’t know whether some people are animals or whether they are worried by instinct. Stephen invited the guy to his house, when they finished talking, the guy went to sleep and he carried a machete and removed his head. It did not end there, he carried the same machete, removed the two hands, removed the two laps, put them into his bag, went and dump them somewhere. He put the remaining part of the body into a ‘Ghana- must go- back’ and dumped it in a gutter.


He put the head in the dustbin and went and dump in the bush. To track him down, his landlord, Mr Celestine George, had to place a call through to him and demanded for the balance of his rent. He said he was about traveling and that he was with the balance which he would pay him before traveling. The landlord then asked him to meet him at Itam junction, within the premises of a church where he had already told the SARS men to lay ambush for him.


He kept calling him until he arrived at the premises of the church. Stephen came in a car with 3 armed mobile policemen and the landlord hinted the men of the SARS formation, who had laid ambush for him within the premises and he was apprehended and handcuffed. The 3 mobile policemen were overpowered by the SARS men and Stephen was arrested and taken to the police headquarters at Ikot Akpanabia.”….. pending his bail application…..



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