Nigerian gay rights activist lashes out on Nigeria and Nigerians


Well loved Bisi Alimi took to his Facebook page, some hours ago, to say this: “Nigeria is fucked and no amount of prayers can save that country. The shit there is real and unless the people stop prayer and start acting, it will go down soon. The country
is not an experiment for f&*k sake….. I mean like really? .

And some idiots will come here now and start posting how their God is going to redeem them. Okay here is the thing, if there is indeed anything like HELL FIRE, it is down in Nigeria, where all Nigerians are roasting. So if you want to remind someone that they will go to HELL FIRE, when they die, you might as well link it to your current experience.


So here is the thing, a TV station wanting to do interview with me, booked me for 11:30am yesterday. We didnt start the interview till around 15mins to 3pm, because; there was no electricity, therefore all the earlier appointment to use the production room has to be moved back. Also they couldnt find fuel to power the production room and the only fuel available is for transmission.

As if that was not enough, then, we got on skype and 5 mins into the interview, the connection went off. The internet is not working and that was for the rest of yesterday. We tried to do phone interview, but that didnt work as the phone network was really bad.

We have started the routine again this morning. Now tell me, with the amount of BIBLE BASHING, SELF HATING, and DUMB ASS HYPOCRITES in that country, praying every day for salvation and MIRACLE, where really is their GOD? It is either he doesnt exist, or he gave up on them 50 years ago. .

The fucking experiment is not working, STOP PRAYING and START ACTING and DEMANDING. NB: If you come here to spew your hate, I will make you choke on it.”…. Dear Bisi, we can’t justify wot happened to u. So on behalf of all Nigerians, I say we are so sorry for what u experienced yesterday and today. And most importantly, for d one u’ll experience tomorrow…..

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