Finally, America releases its youngest convicted murderer


Curtis Jones became America’s youngest convicted murderer at age 12. He was released from prison yesterday after serving 16 years for killing his father’s girlfriend. He was convicted with his 13-year-old sister, Catherine Jones, and sent to prison in 1999. He
was released from Florida’s South Bay Correctional Facility.


In 1999, the Jones children became the youngest people prosecuted as adults for murder in the United States after they confessed to killing their father’s girlfriend, Sonya Nicole Speights. Original reports said they killed her out of jealousy, but documents suggested it was because they had been sexually abused by another male relative. They allegedly planned to kill their father and Speights because they thought the two were ignoring their plight.

After shooting Speights, they became frightened and hid in the family home, where they were arrested the next day. Jones is now an ordained minister. His sister is scheduled to be released shortly. According to the terms of his sentencing, Jones will be on probation until the end of his life….. which is year 2167…..

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