Ex-militants amnesty program: Kuku out, Boroh in


Today, Pres. Buhari appointed Brigadier-General Paul.T. Boroh (rtd.) as the Coordinator of the Amnesty Program for former Niger Delta militants. He is to take over from Kingsley Kuku. Kuku’s ouster would not come as a surprise to
those following events in the sector because of his many controversies. He has been accused of mismanaging the funds of the program by the ex-militants. And this led to several protests.

He has a Bsc. in Political Science, MSc. in Peace/Conflict Studies, MSc in Strategic Studies and PhD Peace/Conflict Studies (in View). He was involved in the resolution of the Liberian conflict in 1994-1995. And the resolution of the Sierra-Leone conflict in 1999-2000, under the UN Peacekeeping Mission and in 2009-10 he was the Chief of Staff of the UN Mission in Liberia. In 2010-12 he was the Commandant of the Nigerian Army Peacekeeping Centre. Kaduna Nigeria.

He was previously the Chief of Staff, UN Mission in Liberia, the Commanding officer, UN Mission in Sierra. Leone, Commanding officer of ECOWAS peacekeeping group. He once conducted peace support operations training for the Nigerian military and inducted them into the UN mission in Dafur, Liberia and Cote de voire among others. .

He is a graduate of Military technology from Fort. Benning. Colombia Georgia, USA. Also a graduate of International peacekeeping training centre, Uk. Member international peacekeeping training centre. Fellow war college, National War College, Abuja, Nigeria. Fellow, society for peace studies and practice…. ds r jst 1% of his qualifications…..

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