Nigerian pastor beaten in South Africa for preaching too much


48-year-old Pastor Zander Emenogo is a father of two and originally from Lagos in Nigeria. He has been preaching the gospel on the streets for 10 years, but was beaten up by thugs recently in Johannesburg. Recounting the incident, the pastor from The
Evangelical Christian Assembly of South Africa, said: “I go where the Lord leads me.

On Saturday I was standing on the corner of Delvers and Claim streets in the CBD. While I was preaching about drugs, crime and violence, there were rough guys looking at me. I was scared but I had no choice. I passed on the word of God. I didn’t know I was pushing the wrong buttons as I preached. I only realized that when I was done and preparing to go home.

Two young men stopped me and told me I had a big mouth. Before I could respond I felt a heavy blow on my head and I fell down. I only woke up 4 hours later in a hospital bed.”….. even if he had gone to preach in Sambisa forest, d Boko boys wldnt treat him dt way……

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