Revealed: How the withdrawn Benue State University medical student died


Nicholas Idoko likely killed himself through a motor accident and killed a passerby along the line. He had spent 10 years in the 6-year medical course due to non accreditation of medical courses in the institution and was eventually
asked to quit the school after failing a course he carried over.


He was with his course mates when the news came to him that he should leave the school because he failed. On getting the news, he threatened to kill himself, saying he would not be able to stand the shame of not making it out of school, that the trauma would be too much for him and his parents.

He then drank to stupor, got in his Honda “babyboy,” car and drove at top speed along Abu King Shuluwa Road, Makurdi, Benue State. He killed a pedestrian whom he ran over on the sidewalk of the road when his car skidded off the road and summersaulted severally before ending across the sidewalk….. R.I.P to them….

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