How fire service men rescue man from death by penis ring


A 40-year-old man has been rescued from untimely death after he used a cock ring that enlarged his penis beyond expectation. Today, Mr rasak Fadipe, the Director of Lagos State Fire Service said: “His experience turned sour when
the penis became so erect and swollen beyond his expectation and could not come down and the ring couldn’t be removed. .

When it became apparent that the condition was threatening his life, he rushed to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja for help. The hospital invited us to rescue him, when they couldn’t remove the ring too. .

We successfully removed it in collaboration with the hospital staff at the emergency unit using our rescue tools. It took us about 50 minutes. The man wore the ring to enhance his penis for sexual satisfaction, but it turned out to be a threat to his life.’’….. if u don’t av a penis, u don’t kno wot God has don for u. Ask all men, they’d tell u…..

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