One half of Skuki has been successfully sent back into the deep end of friendzone


Like a doctor with a stethoscope, I don’t see no fcuking hope of Peeshaun of Skuki being able to swim his way out of the lagoon of friendzone that a girl condemned him into without a life jacket. Yesterday, Peeshaun took to his page to
eulogize this imaginary girlfriend, Ladapo Busayo, with a poem that would have easily earned Chimamanda Adichie a Nobel Price in Literature on a gold platter.


The whole world went haywire afterwards as the street of Lagos was also agog by the realization of the fact that Peeshaun has finally unveiled his trap queen. It was one hell of a celebration. The jubilation was however short-lived as Busayo came out of retirement to quickly send him back to the friendzone, that he rightly belong, by commenting on the post….. As is d practice, ppl went in on him n a disappointed Peeshaun, wt a teary eye, was like: “Busayo, kí lo dá lè. Ayé ò le tó yen o. I’m not feeling good tonight.”……

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