Nigerian jailed for using the I.D of a doctor with the same name to practice


Oluwadamilola Opemuyi, 39, a music graduate was given work as a doctor in a prison and a GP’s surgery after stealing the identity of a fully-qualified doctor who had the same first name. She treated no fewer than 91 patients before
being caught. She tricked employment agencies into believing she was Oluwadamilola Adeyo, a General Medical Council (GMC) registered GP, by providing false documents stating she was fully qualified, before supplying Mrs Adeyo’s registration number.

She was given a position working at Elmley Prison in Kent, where she’d negotiated a fee of £500-a-day. Working across both HMP Elmley and HMP Swaleside, she treated dozens of inmates, despite having no clue about the medical profession. Both prisons received complaints about her work. When she bypassed prison protocols by increasing an inmate’s opiate-based drug, her contract was terminated. Soon she was offered a day’s work at a GP’s surgery in Essex.

In that single shift she saw 21 patients and even issued a death certificate at a care home. She then worked at a health centre in Liverpool, where she dealt with another 25 patients. At another place, she saw a further 25 patients. Ope, whose father is a gynaecologist and mother a pediatrician, was eventually caught out when she presented two forged prescriptions at Boots chemist in Maidstone.

As well as a fake GMC registration certificate, she was also presenting a forged driving license, passport and marriage certificate, all of which she used when telling one employment agency she’d been offered a job paying £450,000-a-year. She has been jailed for only 2 years and 4 months…… cuz she is a beauty wt brain……

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