In Enugu, 10-yr-old boy got buried alive by suspected occultists


This revelation was made during the cleansing of Ngwo town. The people of the town had taken a decision to seek the face of God to rescue the land from occultists and evil men who desecrate the land. They sent emissaries to Abia State, to get
the Catholic priest, Rev. Fr. Modestus Chiedozie Chilaka, to help cleanse their land and liberate them from evil deeds.

And as they gathered at Isiokpoto for the 4-day prayers and liberation session, the lord revealed to Modestus that a 10-year-old plantain hawker had been abducted and used for sacrifice. And the ritualists buried him alive and covered him with sand up to his neck to allow him die slowly. He was buried in a shrine located in a valley along the Milking Hill, Ngwo for 3-days.

The prophet disclosed that 30 occult members from the Ngwo community were involved in the sacrifice. On the 2nd day of the crusade which was the 4th day of the boy in the grave, the priest led some able bodied men from the community on a rescue journey to Milking Hills. There, they saw the boy and he was rescued. According to eyewitnesses, there were decayed bones, a tortoise hanging, white pieces of cloth hung as well as other sacrificial items at the shrine. The boy’s head and face were covered with blood and there was blood all around the shrine.

They boy has however been unable to speak since his rescue. There was excitement, shouts of joy and praises to God from all corners of the prayer ground when the boy was brought to the podium on the last day of the crusade….. d Reverend Father was offered a plumpy girl as wife but he is yet to make a decision on whether to accept d offer or not…..

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