Just because she can’t have a baby again, 23-year-old girl steals one


Chisa Ejionwu, said she decided to steal Michael, 5, at Ogbogoro, Rivers State, after she was told that her chances of having a baby were slim. She stole him on April 17, 2015, and took him to Ogbakir where she got him registered in
a school. She however, ran out of luck butt naked one morning, when she was seen by a neighbour to the boy’s parents while she was taking him to school.

Ejionwu said: “I underwent an operation and was told that I’d no longer be able to bear children. I subsequently decide to steal the boy. I was not planning to sell him. I only wanted to have him for myself.”……. so am I wrong for tryin to own something I can’t av? Bt honestly, if u tell me I’m wrong, wrong. I don’t wanna be right, right. And dt’s just how I feel……

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