27-year-old virgin with SS genotype raped by 30-year-old Unilag graduate


Imonitie Ilen-Otuma, an Estate Management graduate of the University of Lagos, raped the girl at Lekki, Lagos. He had earlier been arrested in May for raping a colleague, and was freed when the victim’s family agreed to withdraw the case. This 2nd incident, occurred on
Friday, July 10. He lured the girl who had initial broken up with him after she discovered that he had dated one of her friends. While they’re dating, the girl, who is a sickle cell sufferer, warned him that there would be no sex until they got married.

They broke up shortly after only to reunite on BBM recently and he started persuading her to let them go out again. On that Friday, he called her and said he was taking her to see a movie at the Adeniran Ogunsanya Mall, Surulere. They later went to a party in the Lekki, where the girl insisted on going home when it was around 12am, but Imonitie refused. She said she remembered being walked out of the club to the back of Imonitie’s car.

But when she opened her eyes, it was daytime, and he was on top of her at the back of the car. That was when the struggle started. He beat her up, squeezed her neck, while she begged him that she was a virgin, and he should not rape her. He threatened to strangle her and dump her corpse by the roadside. After the act, he gave her some tissues to clean the blood. While she was being taken home, she sent a text message to her parents to get the police.

The police at Maroko arrested him after he was beaten up by some youths on the girl’s street. In her reaction, Imonitie’s mother, said, “My son has told me that he loves the girl and wants to marry her. He is AA, and the girl is SS. So, they are compatible. He did not mean to kill her as claimed. If he wanted to, would he still drive her home after the incident? I am not justifying his actions, but he was tempted to commit the act. His intention is to marry the girl.”…. He hopes to recover from d temptation after getting his well deserved life sentence…..


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