UK based Nigerian campaigner against knife crime has been stabbed to death


Michael Adegbite, a 28-year-old teaching assistant, was killed in Enfield, north London on Sunday evening after 3 teenagers tried to rob him during a meet-up he had arranged in order to sell his laptop. He was a male model and
teaching assistant who campaigned against knife crime. He was stabbed to death after robbers used Gumtree to lure him into a trap to steal his laptop.


The fitness instructor and football coach, was attacked after he advertised his secondhand MacBook on the popular classifieds website for £200. He and a friend went to meet someone they believed was a buyer in Enfield on Sunday evening but were confronted by 3 youths. He and his friend managed to snatch the laptop back and the suspects ran off.

A short time later, a 2nd friend joined Michael and they set out to look for the group who had attempted to rob them. Minutes later there was a confrontation and a scuffle in the street and Micheal was stabbed once in the chest. Three 18-year-old men have now been arrested in connection with the incident and are currently being questioned by police.


His brother said in a statement: “He wanted to help young people from troubled backgrounds, show them the right path. He talked to them about the dangers of knife crime and in the end he was the victim of it. It’s just senseless. He was killed over a laptop. No life is worth that little.” Michael studied sports science at the University of East London, and was a promising footballer who once tried out for Wolverhampton Wanderers.

His neighbour Lucy Yapp said: “People saw 4 black men fighting and just walked past. They didn’t conceive that he might be being attacked. If they called 999 sooner it could have given them an extra five minutes to save his life rather than walk past. No-one called until they saw him on the floor. He was a good boy. He even ran a football club for ex-offenders. He was trying to help the kind of people that stabbed him.”…. R.I.P Micheal…..

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