I’m quite impressed we haven’t all become robbers, boy shares how his friend with a Uk masters got a N50k/month job offer


He took to his Twitter page to share his thoughts on Nigeria and what

job seekers go through.


Continue from pic: “…..A friend just graduated from the UK. Distinction in Masters in Oil & Gas. Got a job interview, passed & they offered 50k per month. He just moved to Abuja & got a place for 800k. If his mum didn’t pay that rent, is it the 50k a month salary that will? Ha! You go abroad and see kids working to pay their fees through Uni. Getting loans from govt. and stuff & you start to wonder.

It’s not all of us that want to hustle or do business, but the lack of a system that works has made us all entrepreneurs. Our masters students in the UK need allowance from home while the UK citizens in undergrad are paying their way through school. Does that seem like a normal scenario to you? UK citizens paying bills before they even become 18 but we can’t attempt that here. How can you not want to shed tears when you think about the situation of this country? How can you not want to run mad?

You pay millions for a masters degree, get offered a job with shit salary & someone will say you have to start from somewhere. Why are you telling me to start from somewhere now when I could have used my masters tuition to start a medium scale business? And when you get a job abroad, someone will say you should come home and build your country. LMAO at the audacity some of you have! This summer, I’ve seen so many pics of graduates abroad on so many levels & all I can think of is how reality is gonna wake em up!

Living (independent) in this country is like trying to survive the apocalypse. I’m quite impressed we haven’t all become robbers. These days, the only reward for schooling abroad & topping your class is bragging rights for your parents & amongst your friends. Only a few years ago, someone studying photography in uni was a waste, now it seems more sensible than studying law. Wow!.”…. if only he had shared ds last week he’d av been part of Buhari’s delegation to USA so dt he could tell ds to Obama. Meanwhile, let’s sha thank god 4 “yahoo yahoo.” If nt, where most of us 4 dey today?……

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