From my mail box: A case of assault against the River State Chief of Staff to the state government


My name is Jeremiah Ashang, crown Prince of Obanlikwu and Lecturer at FCE Obudu, CRS. At about 1a.m on the 18th July 2015, I returned to my hotel room at Gramics Hotel, Cross River State, from a funeral at Igwo in Obudu in the company of

my cousin and his father. .

While trying to settle in into our rooms, we discovered a man in one of the rooms. He rained curses and attacked my uncle. While trying to resolve the crisis at the front office, he identified himself firstly as a cultist and also as the driver to the Chief of Staff ( COS ) to the Cross River state government.


My cousin then proceeded to speak to the COS, Martin Orim, who was seated at the bar soaked in alcohol with his friends. He greeted them respectfully and reported the incident so that the driver could be called to order.

In a split moment, an EFCC official ( Peter Atianshe Akpanke ) seated with the COS accosted my cousin and asked what audacity he had to walk up to their gathering to report such an incident. In the heat of the argument, the COS stood up and angrily ordered that his security men to immediately shoot my cousin. .


They pounced on him, hitting him with their boots, gun butts, batons and also sprayed teargas into his eyes whilst shooting sporadically and causing chaos in the neighborhood. Upon hearing the commotion, I stepped out to find out what was going on and immediately the EFFC official identified me as his cousin, the COS ordered his security aides to assault me. .

They beat me, sprayed tear gas into my eyes and bundled me into their Hilux Truck. Thereafter the COS ordered them to shoot and kill my cousin and I. When I heard this I took off for dear life, some shots were fired at me and I was lucky to escape by the grace of God.

Is this the change we are looking for? This is an inhumane act by individual who takes advantage of the position he is in to intimidate people. I have taken up the matter to the appropriate authority. Here are the names of the Policemen involved: Corporals Yohanna Dabo and Abbas Iliya, both attached to Police Mobile Force 11 Calabar….Buhari mst nt see ds so I’m nt sharing..

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