Basketmouth blasts GEJ and his wailing wailers again. Says GEJ was there for 6 years, all he did was steal money


He is on tour in USA currently and he is continuing with his critique of the GEJ administration and drumming support for the Buhari administration. During his stop at Houston, he said: “The funny thing is, Buhari is now in power and everyone is

hating on the guy under 2 months. Goodluck was there for 6 years, all they did was steal money.” He also made a quick reference a certain stadium in Asia they’d cost $1b.

Link to the full video:

He said the people of the country were freaking out because of the cost while a woman in Nigeria stole $20b. Meaning that the woman can build 20 stadia. He spoke also, about the improved power situation in Nigeria, saying his wife hadn’t called him to ask him for money to buy diesel in 3 weeks now…… Basketmouth, u av officially messed up for saying ds. I’m highly disappointed in u. Was it ur money dt GEJ stole? Are Nigerians complaining? Pls always mind ur business. How do u want d wailing wailers to sleep today now?…….

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