5 people charged for murder after the prophet that told them to buried him alive died mistakenly


Shamiso Kanyama, a self-proclaimed Muzarabani prophet from Zimbabwe, died after requesting his clients to dig a grave and bury him alive to enable him to later resurrect so as to summon more cleansing powers. High Court judge, Justice Owen Tagu, heard that
the 5 accused persons invited Kanyama and his colleague, Dick Benson, to conduct a cleansing ceremony at their home to exorcise evil spirits hired by their father, Zvidzai Muchengeti, to cause mysterious deaths in the family.

Kanyama told the family that the cleansing process entailed him being buried alive to enable him summon more powers to drive away the evil spirits. Kanyama assisted in the digging of the pit and later prayed before he jumped inside, lay himself face down and ordered them to cover him with soil. As they were in the process of filling the pit, one Joseph Taderera asked them to stop, but Kanyama urged them on by shouting at Joseph that he was disturbing his angels. However, things did not go as planned when they dug up the pit to find him dead….. n d angels no where to b found…..

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