Points Buhari made in his Washington Post article today.


1. I have replaced the service chiefs and they’ll be based in Borno State, where the headquarters of the armed services has been relocated.

2. While we work to defeat the terrorists, I ask the people of Nigeria and the world for resolve and fortitude. The campaign we will wage will not be easy; it may
not be swift.

3. My determination should not be underestimated in other matters. This includes instilling good governance and tackling the scourge of corruption that has held Nigeria back for too long.

4. Already there are voices saying these changes are taking too long. I hear such calls, but this task cannot and should not be rushed.

5. Ministers will be appointed in September. Obama himself did not have his full Cabinet in place for several months after first taking office; the U.S did not cease to function in the interim.

6. In Nigeria’s case, we must first put new rules of conduct and good governance in place.

7. It’s important to ensure that this process is carried out correctly, just as it has been crucial to first install the correct service chief before we fully take the fight to Boko Haram.

8. The fact that I now seek Obama’s assistance in locating and returning $150b in funds stolen in the past decade and held in foreign bank accounts on behalf of former, corrupt officials is testament to how badly Nigeria has been run. This way of conducting our affairs cannot continue.

9. So the path we must take is simple, even if it is not easy: First, instill rules and good governance; second, install officials who are experienced and capable of managing state agencies and ministries; and third, seek to recover funds stolen under previous regimes so that this money can be invested in Nigeria for the benefit of all of our citizens.

10. Reforming my country after so many years of abuse cannot be achieved overnight. In our campaigns against both Boko Haram and corruption, we should remain steadfast and remember, as it is said: “Have patience. All things become difficult before they become easy.”… even PSquare said “e no easy ye, iye, iye, iye.”…..

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