Gambians are not happy that a Nigerian just became their country’s Chief Judge


Justice Emmanuel O. Fagbenle, a Nigerian-born judge, has been named the new Chief Judge of Gambia. But according to a report by FREEDOMNEWPAPER, Gambians aren’t cool with it. Here is how they reported it: “Gambia’s dictator Jallow Kanilai is
never short of idiots and jackasses to run his corrupt and inept Judiciary.

Guess who is the new Chief Justice after the firing of the Commonwealth Judge CJ Mabel Yamoa Agyemeng? The rogue Nigerian mercenary Appeal Court Judge Emmanuel Fagbenle. Gambians are up for a tougher days ahead. More folks will be jailed this year. The new man now in charge of the judiciary is no strange face to our people.

Fagbenle is a lawyer to hire to do a dirty job for JK. In fact, he is not a serious law advocate. His hands are into petty business. He buys 2nd hand cars from Gambia and ship them to his home country Nigeria. How can such a lawyer/businessman dispense justice with fairness? Never! The Nigerian mercenary judges have taken over the judiciary once again.

Only God knows how many people will tumble in jail this year. To those of you who do not know the new CJ joke; dude came to the Gambia under the so called Nigerian legal Technical Assistance Program about a decade ago. Dude has since refused to return back to Lagos because he thinks to that if he returns home he is going to starve to death.

There are no prospects for him to shine in Nigeria. It is only in the Gambia the likes of Fagbenle can be called a CJ. After helping JK to falsely jail many innocent Gambians, he was promoted to serve as High Court Judge. At the Bench, he has been known as an unprincipled judge. He is one of those former CJ Agime boys.

Many drug cases have been settled under Agim’s leadership at the judiciary. Those were the days when Rex King, Bun Sanneh and co were busy working with Agim and his legal surrogates to “kill drug cases.” He has been appointment to do a dirty job for JK. JK will from now on have direct access to the judiciary….. so Gambia also has her own version of PDP wailing wailers? Good to know…..

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