Boy accused of raping 82-year-old and making her swear by the bible is finally arrested


He allegedly raped the woman at her Brooklyn home on Monday. He was arrested on Friday. Asa Roberts, 18, was charged with rape, robbery, burglary and assault. After slipping into the woman’s house, he punched, choked, raped and
sodomized her. He then forced her to swear on a Bible that she would not send the police after him.


She didn’t report him to the police. She only told family members who then reported the case. Roberts was first busted for a sex crime in 2006, a day before his 10th birthday, for an assault on a victim who was under the age of 11.


He has been arrested at least 5 times since then on an array of charges including robbery and gang assault. But his mother said she could believe he committed a robbery — not a rape….. no one knows a child more than his or her mother…..


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