And to some bad news: Aborted babies without names won’t enter heaven, pastor warns women


Listen up all ye randy Homo sapiens, a South African pastor wants to share the vision, he says was given to him by the Holy Spirit, with ya. Alpheus Tshwane, 50, says has told him to warn people against abortion. God allegedly told

him babies without names will not be allowed entry into heaven and women who have abortions will find their babies waiting to be given names at heaven’s gate.

His words: “I was in a deep sleep when the revelation came to me. When I woke up, I knew aborted babies were waiting outside heaven to be given names. A big sign appeared with the words ‘no entry without names’.

I then saw young and old faces looking sad. A loud voice told me all the people I had seen were waiting for their parents to give them names. They had been aborted before they were born.”….. so girls, pls conduct mini-naming ceremonies ds weekend n let these innocent children in. Nobody has to know…..

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