How I narrowly escaped being mobbed at the prayer ground today, Buhari recalls


Mr president made the revelation this afternoon while granting audience to the Muslim community in FCT. He said, “Today, during and immediately after the prayers, I think I was bombarded by the youths, who
almost overwhelmed the security, and I had to hold tight to my gown to get to my car. I was advised to enter the car from the ADC side and I refused.


I went across trying to wave my hand to the wild youths, who wanted to see me. On an occasion like this, it shows that after what happened to (former) President Ronald Reagan of the USA, it is only God Almighty that protects leaders because in a mob like this, anybody with a sharp knife can get access and do a lot of damage.

So, all the policemen and soldiers that were deployed since 6 o’clock in the morning, before I came out two hours later in the rains, cannot protect you; only God protects. I hope God will continue to protect us.”…. I now know wot Wizkid n Davido face weneva they go for shows, shoutout to them for they’re now my goons, he added…..


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