His wife placed a “smelly punani” curse on me. Sidechic cries out


2011 was the last time Cecilia, from Munsieville, South Africa, had sex. She believes that the growth she currently has on her vagina, is the work of her former lover’s wife. She said she knew her lover was married, but
couldn’t stay away from him as she was in love with him. The trouble started when her lover was release from prison and decided to leave his wife and two children for Cecilia.

She said she believed the wife cursed her after this happened. She said the growth started out as a pimple next to her punani. “Doctors failed to heal me. Sangomas ( Southern African diviners ) told me I was cursed because I had slept with another woman’s man. I have tried everything to remove this growth with no success.

A sangoma who promised to heal me was arrested on his way from the Vaal to give me muthi. This thing is getting worse now. I tried to speak to my lover’s wife when he was arrested for the second time but she wouldn’t see me. The growth has now become smelly and no one wants to sit near me. I can’t walk any more and I’m unable to care for my two children. My life has been ruined for loving a man.”…… so sleeping wt someone else’s husband is now a crime? End time is really near……

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