A gay man looking to expose a particular ‘CLASSIC’ rapper writes to MTO


One of the top U.S. gossip sites, MediaTakeOut, just got a letter from a scorned gay man and he is attempting to expose a classic man for dumping him after he attained stardom. Here is the content of the letter: “I want to put [CLASSIC RAPPER] on Blast, he is
gay and likes to have encounters with men. We met last year in Brooklyn at an underground gay party in Flatbush. MTO let me tell you he did not look like he does NOW back then. .

He had no facial hair and was all skinny, looking like a TWINK. Anyways, we met at the party and [HAD RELATIONS] the first night. He is definitely a TOP and I’m a BOTTOM so it worked out well. It was strange though cause he’s all skinny and puny and I’m big and muscular (I played High School football lol), so you would think it was the OTHER WAY AROUND. .

He told me that he was into music and fashion, but I never really thought anything of it. We saw each other about 10 or so times in the last year, but when he BLEW UP he stopped returning my texts. Now he looks and sounds completely different. .

He grew out the hair on his face, and his voice is deep. MTO I promise you, that is all a lie – when I met him he was a straight up QUEEN. He looked sounded and acted like a girl. I wish I saved the d*ck pics that he sent me, because I would sell them to you. .

But trust and believe I’m not the only gay man he’s been with. It’s a matter of time when someone exposes him with “receipts” as you like to call them.”…… although Jidenna is a rapper who resides in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, grew his face hair nt too long ago, and recently dropped a song titled “Classic man,” I doubt if ds man is referring to him……

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